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My name is Roelof de Hoog and i live in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 

My preference goes to nature and architecture photography. By taking pictures i try to make a creative depiction of the world that invokes the imagination and emotions.  
I also try to see the unusual in some ordinary, everyday things and to be able to share my vision of the world with others through the camera.

On this site you can see my portfolio and recent work.  You can buy the photos by clicking at the links in the top-right corner.
With kind regards,
Roelof de Hoog

Important note:

All photos on this website are owned by Roelof de Hoog and protected by Dutch and international copyright laws. If you wish to use photographs on this website, you should always ask permission to

Roelof de Hoog itself. Consent of third parties are not valid. You should, after express consent, always mention the source when using photographs. The photos may be used only for the agreed purposes.

Editing and reusing (one of) the photos is prohibited. If it appears that there are pictures used or modified without permission, a claim can and will be filed.

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